What’s your lipstick shade? (Day 54)

Hey guys! how have you been?? I was just going through my blog and I saw that it has been ages that I haven’t posted about makeup and hairstyle, so my upcoming posts will be about makeup and hairstyle! 
Since my title talks about lipstick.. I’ll start talking right away! certain lipsticks look better on certain skin tone. there is a lot to take into consideration before we buy a lipstick! I’ll just list down some points now for you guys!

1. fair skin
fair skin lipstick 2 Fair skin lipstick 1

if you notice cool tones look the best on fair skin. one should stick to coral and pink if you are a bit pale.

2. medium skin
83580-350x233-Tubes-of-lipstick red-lipstick-item oliveskinwdarklips

medium skin looks great with warm tones and colors, buying berry or rosy shades will do the best for you!

3. Dark skin

Dark skin looks best in brown or purple shades but yes one can wear a bold lips buy sporting red.

gabrielle-union-matte-lip dark skin lipstick 1

hope you guys like it! 
Aastha xoxoxo


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