shampoo for your hair type! (Day 56)

curly hair

curly hair

fine hair

fine hair

oily hair

oily hair

coloured/ damaged hair

coloured/ damaged hair

Hi guys! so today again I will be talking about hairstyling but today is a bit different. Today i will be talking about haircare and what kind of shampoo one should use for different types of hair! The upcoming posts will be about makeup and styling.
There is such a vast range of shampoos available that sometimes it is difficult to know what is right for your hair! So going through Glamour and Vogue columns I’ve gathered some tips for all of you out there.. 

1. If you have curly hair 
Curly hair is gorgeous, but it can be difficult to control due the frizz. Avoid products that contain silicone as they will not provide your hair the required nourishment. Instead one should use products with natural ingredient like jojoba oil and glycerin. 

2. If you have fine hair
I know girls, having fine hair is so frustrating as they lack volume. If this is your hair type, look for products which will help in building up the volume for hair like volumising shampoo it will help you build up the volume. Natural ingredients such as rosemary and lavender will also do wonders for your hair.

3. If you have damaged hair
If your hair type is damaged or colored or dry all you need to do is moisturize it. Chemical treatments such as straightening and coloring will strip out the moisture. There are special shampoos for damaged and colored hair, remember whenever you wash your hair condition it!

4. If your have oily hair 
Hair can be naturally oily or it can be caused by styling products, if this is your hair type stick to shampoo with sulphates that will remove any left on products on your hair. Also avoid overloading your hair!

Hope you guys liked it!

Aastha xoxoxo


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