Choosing the right sunglasses! (Day 59)

hi guys! I hope you guys liked my last post and got to know more about your personality, especially on the basis of what bags you guys carry! today I will talk about sunglasses! Who doesn’t like sunglasses! Spring is almost over now!! Choosing the right sunglasses can be task but keeping in mind some tips it will get you through this! all you need to know is your face structure and the color and it will help you finding your killer glasses!

Round shaped faces- should go for an oversized rectangular and angular shape frames which can be retro sqaure!

Oval shaped faces- should invest in frames that are neither too big and neither too small. Buy an aviator or oversized square frames

Rectangular shaped faces- should go for round shield and aviator frames.

Now let’s talking about undertones of skin..
Light people with warm undertones should go for warm-toned neutrals and more saturated shades like umber cypress and plum white cool undertones should avoid yellows, greens and ambers but should opt for dusk, pinks and blues tend to flatter them.
Medium people with warmer undertones should invest in greens, amber fade and tortoise shades, while people with cooler tones should go for cherry shades.

Hope you guys liked it!!

Aastha xoxoxo


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