Dress types that fits your figure! (Day 60)

Pear shaped body type A- line dress Short body type Hourglass figure

hey guys! I can’t believe I’ve completed 60 days of daily blogging!! It’s 2 months now not in a row though but in the alternative month!! I thought today I will talk about types of dresses for your body shape! So let’s get started! No matter what your body shape is there is a dress out for you to flatter your figure. Here are some dresses for your body shape!

1. Straight shape- A line
If you have a mostly straight body shape, then A-Line dresses are beyond perfect for you. The A-Line creates a waist on any body type, so if you’re self-conscious about your body type, the A-line shape creates a cinched waist with a fuller skirt to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

2. Pear- shaped: Empire waist 
If you’re pear-shaped, shopping for the perfect dress can be tough. If you’re trying to play down your hips or simply make your bust look a little bit bigger than it is, an empire waist is perfect for you. It plays up your bust while playing down your waist, which is what most pear-shaped girls want in a dress!

3. Hourglass: wrap dress
Congratulations on having one of the most sought after body shapes! To accentuate your curves, wear a wrap dress. The wrap feature will pull in the fabric around your waist, showing off your curves, and the v-neck will accentuate your bust.

4. Short: Simple silhouette
If you’re short, a simple silhouette is perfect. It’s super easy to accessorize. Most short women I know love heels. Wearing a simple silhouette instantly lets you wear a gorgeous pair of show-stopping heels or something else that’s sure to leave everyone focused on how great you look and not your height, which is great if you often feel self-conscious over your height.

Hope you guys liked it!

Aastha xoxoxo

P.S- image courtesy Pinterest.com


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