1st Impressions..

Hi guys! how are you today? SO i’m at London College of Fashion now and working on my fashion styling shoot! I’ve my submissions on 19th June and shoot coming up! yea it’s a pretty intense course!! I know the title may seem daft but I will talk about it now.. So today I had my first summer school class in London College of Fashion (not really I’m posting about this later) , and frankly speaking I’m loving it already! In our first class we talked about how we see our first impressions! A person is more than first impression on us! ‘First Impression’ was an exercise conducted by our tutors for us and in it we were supposed to ask questions which are divided in 4-5 categories and choose 2 questions and any of 3 categories. Having diverse students in class from Iceland, Japan, Brazil, India is making it quite interactive and getting to know more about different cultures and how fashion is there in that culture.. 
tumblr_inline_npmrt09e5F1tw9h8m_1280 tumblr_npmrwrIdxn1uxlp6po2_1280 tumblr_inline_npmrs7eU4t1tw9h8m_1280 tumblr_npmrwrIdxn1uxlp6po4_1280 tumblr_inline_npmrr3hR311tw9h8m_1280 tumblr_npmrwrIdxn1uxlp6po10_1280 tumblr_inline_npmrrjq2Go1tw9h8m_1280

Hope you guys like it!
Aastha xoxoxo


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