Astrology fashion..

here you must be thinking what does fashion astrology means? i know it is just the inspiration i have for my editorial shoot which will be at LCF. i will be shooting about 6-8 zodiac signs and showing the elements of those signs as a metaphor. The signs won’t be screaming I’m this or that one has to figure it out what sign it could be… Here are some examples that I collected when I was researching on zodiac theme fashion.. 

tumblr_nq6rnbvIm31uxlp6po3_540 tumblr_nq6rnbvIm31uxlp6po2_400

Now here are the test shoot that I did.



Like here, I mirrored the image to showcase ‘the twins’ aka The Gemini.. All the zodiac signs would be shot in a different way and will have an indirect link to its meaning. 

Hope you guys liked it!

Aastha xoxoxo


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