my editorial shoot!

hi guys! So the wait is over now I’m uploading my editorial shoot! it took me time because I was attaching copyright!! so here it is 

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Doing an editorial on zodiac signs is something which is different from everyone, as each sign has its own qualities and characteristics which are different from others. We all might have the same birthday year, or some might have the same birthdate but each possess a quality which is different. Some actually possess the typical zodiac trait. There are many fashion magazines that have done zodiac signs as editorial , why is my different from them?

The answer to this question is portraying signs in a different way, actually showing the incomplete signs, which will make people wonder about the other signs. The concept is still the same, zodiac signs, what my message is zodiac signs cannot define your identity, your attitude does, having one model to do these 4 signs actually signfies that she is one girl who has different sides but people think she must be of a particular sign but in reality she is just a normal girl who believes in one love, which means having no sexism, racism.

Hope you guys liked it!

Aastha xoxoxo


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