First year reflection

Hey guys! How have you been? Usually you guys know for couple of weeks I’ve been talking about hairstyling, makeup and styling tips but today it’s a bit different! Since I’m on my summer break and summer is about to end, it’s time to talk about my uni again! I will be leaving my hometown, (New Delhi) in couple of weeks and going back to my uni starting a new year there!! I’m so excited!! A lot has happened in my first year!! 
In some earlier posts, I spoke about how I am going to start my second semester in year one! Now it’s time that I talk about how I’m going to take the feedback given to me and use the strengths to cover my weakness. My feedback tells me I need to link my digital work with what I write I need to connect the dots. To overcome this problem I’m going to make the font of my work and digital work the same or of the same category rather than having a contrasting font.
I also need to improve on my time management skills to get a good grade next year! So next year I will be working side by side and in advance so later on I have time to revise and proof read my work as it is very important. 
Simply seeing my work I can say I really enjoy the digital part of course where we create posters and edit photography on photoshop, Indesign and illustrator not to forget I really like styling looks and blogging, to keep my passion alive I will be focusing on collaborating with different people and students in my course. Also that I reach my goal, I will be doing some short courses such as styling and media, fashion illustration course which will give an exposure! 
I love my workbook any idea… I mean literally any idea which can be stupid first i jot it down in my workbook and work on that.. (The idea needs to be relevant to the brief given to us). I personally believe that we all need to have plan A no plan B because if we have that we will not focus and give our 100% to plan A. 
I hope you guys liked it! 

Aastha xoxoxo


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