Second year reading already begun!

Book-Cover-The-Tipping-Point-470x470 Trend_Forecasters_Handbook_1-788x508

hey guys! how are you? I got my second year reading list and I got my books yesterday! I’ve to start reading them and review them and make a trend report.. Basically you guys can say that Uni for me has already begun! but i don’t mind! I’ve read few pages or i rather call chapters in tipping point and it is inspiring! I would recommend everyone to read the tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell!
Also I’ve some news for you guys!! are you ready for it!!???

I’ve seen, I’m not writing regularly or following any pattern for my posts from now on (as in the next week) I will be blogging EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY!! every month!! so stay tuned to check out posts!! I’ve some awesome posts lined up for next week!!

hope you guys liked it!

Aastha xoxoxo


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