Trend Booklet layout

Hi guys! So I’ve collected some inspiration for my trend booklet layout as I’ve my summer uni work to do! The brief says that I need to make a trend booklet on Autumn Winter 2015 either a combination of womenswear and menswear or just womenswear/menswear. I’m currently deciding on what trends to focus on, I collected some visual inspiration and layout for my trend booklet! 

8d843529e9228a2f7e0b3f6d1c0b8943 d0ff28d506aa4223e1dfe659b9456967 d195bb82062eff2234cb290e7f40e13f e8d83a9ee3af19b3ed8d58037feaf657 dc8ae88687700c5e1ef83d0f885a9ac5

Hope you guys liked it!

Aastha xoxoxo

P.S- Layout inspo from Pinterest


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