Skin care tweaks for Autumn

Hey guys! 
How are you my lovelies? Since its autumn I thought I should be sharing some skincare tips with you guys, since the weather is very harsh these days in Nottingham, one needs to take extra measure. Those light gel moisturizers and purifying cleansers you hoarded all summer just won’t cut it during the colder months. So, here are the subtle changes to make in colder weather to have a perfect skin.

  1. Layer up on moisturizer 
    For those that have especially dry skin, layering two types of hydrators- like a few drops of facial oil, like coco butter beautifying oil by The Body Shop (I’m currently using this and its AHHH-MAAZZING) with a moisturizing cream such a Garnier Daily moisturizer (for Dry to normal skin) can make a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels.
  2. Feed your face
    Comfort food may be your hibernation go-to, but adding good-for-skin foods into your diet can also help hydrate you from inside out. Not to mention eating a healthy diet keeps your skin clearer, which makes a huge impact on your skin’s baseline appearance. Foods like nuts and oils such as walnuts and EVOO, contain omega-3s to keep skin naturally moist, while silica is a key mineral for promoting naturally soft and smooth skin, which you can get from veggies like cucumbers and celery.

Hope you guys liked it! let me know in the comments below what do you do for your skin when Autumn/Winter season kicks in!

Until next post,
Aastha xoxoxo #fashionilious 

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