Trends to try if you’re short..

V-neck sweater dress Crop top Shift dress mini skirts

Hi guys! 
How are you my lovelies? I’ve been doing a lot of research and seeing the trend patterns especially for women who are short. What can they wear and what silhouettes will suit them! To be honest, I’m not that tall, quite average height. I’m 5’3″ 😛 because of that I envy trends on both ends of spectrum. There are some trends that look amazing on tall women and some trends which looks flawless on short women. So if you are short hang tight!! 

Mini skirts are the best for women who are short, rock mini skirts with pride. In my opinion Shift dresses look amazing on short women, the trend is there for years now, I love the shift dress trend because it looks so mod! 
Am I the only one who is taken by the V-neck sweater dress? I’m sure some of you must have seen that trend in this Autumn season. It’s a trend that’s so cute and boho, but unfortunately tall women cannot rock this because it turns out to be more of sweater than a dress.. So why not rock it short gals?? 
I feel lot of short girls are self conscious about having a shorter torso, However, that just makes a crop top looks amazing on them! Be it loose or tight, crop top looks amazing on short frames.

What are your favorite trends if you’re a short girl? and if you’re not which trend do you envy that short girls can wear? let me know in the comments below!

Hope you guys liked it!
Until next post,
Aastha xoxoxo #fashionilious 


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