Makeup tips for cold weather

Hi guys!
How are you my lovelies? Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. That means the days are getting colder and harsher. Which means that all of us needs to change our skincare routine so that we all still can fabulous! I’m not a big fan of winters and cold weather but it takes a lot to do your makeup in winters. I’m going to share everything I found, reading beauty tips, watching tutorials etc! So here it is.

  1. Wear green tinted products to counteract redness 
    If your skin is routinely red during the cold weather/season, you need  to invest in green tinted products to counteract the redness. Concealer or foundation with a green tint is perfect. Green and red are the complimentary colors in the color wheel, which means it will help in hiding the redness. You can also use green tinted moisturizer if you don’t wear foundation.
  2. Wear waterproof eye makeup so it stays all day long 
    Cold weather and harsh wind can make your eyes water, which can make your eyeliner, mascara runny. To prevent this from happening, choose waterproof eye makeup.
  3. Set your makeup with a layer of translucent powder
    You go to work or uni putting on your makeup and you see that it is all rubbed off on your coat and scarf? UGHHHH.. used to happen with me a lot! Then I found one trick… Keep this from ever happening again by setting your look with translucent powder. This will help hold your makeup in place and keep them away from getting onto your coat and scarfs!

  4. Mix moisturizer into your foundation to cover dry patches 
    Foundation does a great job of evening your skin tone and help your complexion look dewy and fresh. If you have flaky or fry skin, it settles into cracks, making it look worse! The best way to overcome this is by mixing a 1:1 combination with your moisturizer. The foundation will cover and the moisturizer will alleviate dryness!

Hope you guys liked it!
Until next post,

Aastha xoxo #fashionilious


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