Sweater care secrets!

Hi guys!
How are you my lovelies? Autumn season is on full force and winds are so harsh in Nottingham! Sweater season is upon us, it’s fun and exciting time to take out those cable knits and cosy sweaters and start with new sweater trend. But it’s not easy to keep sweaters in a new condition since wear and tear tends to show easily. So here I am sharing some sweater care secrets with you guys!

  1. Shop for quality 
    The quality of a sweater makes a difference in how long it’s going to last and how well it’s going to wear. Examine the sweaters before you purchase them to fabric content, care instructions and how well its stitched. Looser weaves are not usually going to last long.
  2. Fold, don’t hang!
    Never hang the sweaters because it stretches them out, particularly in the shoulders and hemline. To give your sweaters the longest life, fold them and place them in a drawer or shelf instead.
  3. AVOID the dryer
    Some sweaters say they’re dryer safe but I’ve found out dryer is really harsh on sweater!! I did the mistake of putting in the dryer and 2 of the sweaters shrunk! After doing lot of research, I found out the best way to let your sweater dry is lay them flat.
  4. Wash on the gentle cycle or hand wash
    Most sweaters require special care. Washing them on the gentle cycle or hand washing is usually the best method of cleaning them. I mostly wash mine on the gentle cycle with other delicate items and they turn out wonderfully. Using a detergent meant for delicate fabrics such as woolite can be helpful, too.

    Hope you guys liked it!
    Until next post,

    Aastha xoxo #fashionilious 


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