Aastha X Cara!


Hey guys!
How are you my lovelies? As I promised you guys before, I will be collaborating soon with some bloggers, so here it is! My first collab.. Well, its not really a “collab” collaboration, I was helping a friend for photoshoot.

So I collaborated with Cara, she is really good at her work, she is a freelance make up artist (Well, she is in my course)! It was lovely working with her. She has an amazing eye for detail. I helped her, by being one her models for magazine, ‘Dolled up’ where she talks about the trends in makeup and how to get a certain look which is featured in the magazine! Here are some snaps from the shoot!


(This was my look! very graphic! :P)

Cara’s blog- https://lifeinthestudentlane.wordpress.com
Dolled up magazine link- https://issuu.com/caralippittmakeup/docs/magazine__pages_/18?e=22291688/31785621

Photographer’s website- www.tessseggons.co.uk

Hope you guys liked it!
Until next post,

Aastha xoxo #fashionilious


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