The time i was a runner at Nottingham Fashion Week!


Hi my lovelies!
How are you guys!? As promised I will be talking about what happened in the last 4 months with me.. So here it is! Today’s post is all about Nottingham Fashion Week.

Showcases of local independent brands run by Creative Quarters, Nottingham. Nottingham Fashion Week is a pretty small-scale event compared to any another fashion week. Still there is a lot to learn from this small-scale event. The show took place in Seinton Market, Nottingham where independent designers in Nottingham come and showcase their designs and later people could pop in popup store to buy anything they like or just stroll around and take pictures! 48 hours of fashion! Who doesn’t like that? The exhibit included works of Nottingham’s very own designers namely The Drift Generation, Genius Clothing, Flux, ULLR & SKADE and more. There was a live band to open the evening in every showcase room, free glitter stall. With a white urban backdrop it gave the feeling of contemporary clothing.

Well my role was to help these brands getting ready for their catwalk shows and later help in their popup store! It was really nice working for them. During the catwalk show I also had to see how many people are watching and see if the show is running in the order! We were a team 10 people. So the work was divided amongst us! During the Catwalk show I managed to click some snaps and mini clips of the show. So here they are.

MY favourite pieces from Catwalk!

Flux and Genius fitness
A range of hoodies and sportswear were presented by the designers, featuring signature slogans and logos. What I loved about this catwalk was each model had something new to offer than simply just walking the ramp. Each model performed several tricks including football and gymnastics.

Thrift generation
The title pretty much speaks for itself! The designers have mixed and infused sportswear with funky clothing to produce something that new! The gold cape is everything. The material and trim seemed to be pleats in a cape which stands out!!

Hope you guys liked it!!

Until next post,
Aastha xoxo #Fashionilious 


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