The time I attended Berlin Fashion Week and Trade Shows!

Hey my lovelies!
How are you guys? Hope everyone is doing well! As I said in May I will be talking about what I did for the past 4 months. Here it is! Let’s start with January!
I went back to university and after a week we all went to Berlin for 5-6 days to see Berlin Fashion Week and trade shows! How Exciting!!

It was cold when we left for London! And it was below 0ºC in Berlin!!! It was really fun though! I was going to Berlin for the first time, so I didn’t really know what the city has to offer apart from it’s artsy feel. A week before I was googling stuff like ‘What to do in Berlin’, Place to visit in Berlin, Best restaurants in Berlin, City sightseeing Berlin! So I came with a list, which I had to finish!
Apart from that, I had Berlin Trade shows to attend!

We landed quite late due to delay and we didn’t have much time left for the day and I was very tired. So I decided to go somewhere nearby! The place where we stayed was ‘the loft’. So my friend and I decided to go somewhere nearby! Alexanderplatz was very nearby just 10 minutes walking from the hotel! The walk was really good and Alexanderplatz was lit! We strolled around the area took photos and ate dinner at Burger King as we all were very tired!

Day 2 started off quite early! Leaving early and seeing the nearby areas, strolling along what was recommended! We had shortlisted some places for Day 2 so we went there! We went to a bookstore, Berlin Wall and Bikini Berlin! The best part of the day was going to Bikini Berlin! Bikini Berlin integrates the world’s first concept mall, a collection of carefully curated and compatible boutiques, concept and flagship stores and gastronomy and service providers. I was very lucky! I went to store and they had a fashion/style/lifestyle/beauty blogger party/get-together going on! It was lovely meeting them and interacting with them! They also had a stall where you could get your hair and makeup done by those bloggers Plus we had free drinks and macrons! Who wouldn’t love that? After that we were off to the Berlin Wall! Well, it was completely dark when we reached there but that’s okay! I took lots of selfies and strolled around the area! We had dinner nearby and we were off to our hotel as we had an early day coming up to see the trade shows!

Day 3 Started with a bang! Everyone was so excited to go and see the Trade shows! We had our breakfast and we were off to our first stop ‘THE ETHICAL FASHION SHOW’ The show was okay, nothing great, the designers were talking about their ‘sustainability’ and how it works well with today’s environment! I think I was there for about an hour max and I left for Premium Trade show! This Trade show is something to talk about! Filled with people, buyers, press, bloggers! Also there were giveaway/goodie bag machines installed where you get free nail polishes, lipsticks and lip balms! The brands here were well known! Since this was quite big, the brand owners/representatives weren’t paying much attention to Press they were focusing on their potential buyers! After the trade shows, we had our dinner at nearby restaurant ‘Muse Berlin’. The food was good. I had ordered German chicken mixed with mexican spices and garlic bread. 

Day 4 Again, I went to a trade a show but, this one was different this one was Seek Trade show! The plan was to go have a look and talk to brands you like to see what their collection is all about! After that we headed off to see Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, at the top of Fernsehturm de Berlín and ofcourse some shopping!

Day 5 I was free this day! My friend and I had planned this day to do sightseeing and go to museums! We went to the Spy Museum, Salvador Dali Museum after that we headed to see the East side Gallery and take photos there!

 Day 6 we just had a few hours left today as we’re leaving today! So today I just went to French Cathedral and had an early lunch, then headed back to the hotel to collect our luggage and then off to Nottingham!

Outfit details!

Day 1
Overcoat parka- Zara
Scarf- Burberry
Jumper- Zara
Leggings- Express
Boots- Boohoo

Day 2
Overcoat parka- Zara
Scarf- H&M
Jumper- Zara
Leggings- H&M
Boots- Boohoo

Day 3
Coat- New Look
Jumper- New look
scarf- H&M
Leggings- Express
Boots- Boohoo

Day 4

Overcoat parka- Zara
Jumper- Zara
leggings- Express
Boots- boohoo
Scarf- H&M

 Day 5
Overcoat parka- Zara
Jumper- Dorothy Perkins
Leggings- Express
Boots- Boohoo
Scarf- H&M

Day 6
Overcoat parka- Zara
Jumper- Zara
Boots- Boohoo
Scarf- H&M

Hope you guys liked it!

Until next post,
Aastha xoxo #fashionilious



2 thoughts on “The time I attended Berlin Fashion Week and Trade Shows!

  1. Paoula says:

    I love the photographs. They are so nice. 😘 Maybe you can make your photos bigger than the rest so the outfit it clearer 🙂

    Gossip Girl


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